About us

Expose your beauty secret at the best beauty salon
Making your next touch, the EFFECTIVE TOUCH!
We are a leading and well regarded small business Day Spa with an overarching goal of exposing your individual beauty secrets!
Since our introduction, we endeavor to exceed our clients’ expectations by offering the best services with an unmatched personalized TOUCH. 
Our main aim is total client satisfaction. We strive to secure ultimate trust here at Effective Touch , where we offer a variety of skin care, waxing, body sculpting services and much much more.
At Effective Touch, our team of experienced and fully trained experts work collectively, alongside you, to curate an individualized plan to meet your specific needs. 
Let’s start your goddess journey with world class client  services, high quality and efficient product recommendations, and friendly staff. 
 Integrity is paramount to us, paired with high morals and exceptional ethical principals, we consolidate all that we are to ensure that your radiant beauty is evident at every angle.At Effective Touch studio we have team of experience & fully trained experts. Our professional works collectively to offer custom solution for all your beauty needs.

Let’s start your beauty journey with the world class customer services, high quality beauty products, efficient and friendly staff

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